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At Art House Foundation Miami, we believe in supporting artists, songwriters, producers and engineers who have musical talent and passion, but do not have the financial means to get great education. We do this by working with partners and donors in securing scholarships for those wanting to study at Art House Academy & Abbey Road Institute Miami.

For the past couple of months, we've been working hard and we have been able to put together scholarships for students wanting to start their classes in January 2021. We are now able to share those details with you, check them out below:

Art House Academy Scholarships

We are really excited to announce scholarships for 5 upcoming students of the Music Performance program at Art House Academy.

The program is unique in that it prepares aspiring artists on how to navigate the pop music industry. It is filled with lots of one-on-one classes nurturing students in finding their own artistic identity.

The program is taught across an intensive one-year period, and through individual vocal technique sessions, students are taught breathing techniques, intonation, and the development of a unique style. Ear training is a necessary skill and through repeated lecturers and exercises, students will grasp the design of a melody, recognize chord progressions, and identify the difference between binary and ternary subdivisions of a beat. Through improvisation pedagogy, students will be able to recognize, absorb and emulate melodic lines and expressive gestures from a selection of different genres. This includes improvising in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles. Developing a body language, setting a scenic style and the ability to manage an audience are all aspects that will be covered throughout the program.

The students will be working side-by-side the talented songwriters, producers and engineers of the Abbey Road Institute Miami’s Music Production & Sound Engineering program.

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Soundgirls Scholarship

We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion and couldn't be more proud to announce this scholarship with Soundgirls, and sponsored by Leapwing.

SoundGirls.Org's vision is to inspire and empower young women and girls to enter the world of professional audio and music production while expanding opportunities for girls and women in these fields, and to share resources and knowledge through cooperation, collaboration, and diversity.

This scholarship covers the full tuition for a student wanting to study the Music Production & Sound Engineering program at Abbey Road Institute Miami.

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Pensado's Place Scholarship

We are also honoured to be working with the prestigious Pensado's Place, who was recently inducted into the TEC Hall of Fame. Together, we are able to offer a full scholarship, covering the full tuition for a student wanting to study the Music Production & Sound Engineering program at Abbey Road Institute Miami.

Pensado’s Place was launched by legendary engineer Dave Pensado and his manager in 2010 and is co-hosted and executive produced by Trawick. The show features expert audio guests who have worked with a mix of artists such as Coldplay, Kanye West, Keith Urban, Tool, Bruno Mars and Post Malone. Each week, audio professionals join Pensado and Trawick to discuss technical tips, the dissection of popular music, and viewers’ questions.

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